Memory Foam Mattress in London, England - Slumberz Beds / Durest Mattress - shoddy, poor quality

I bought a mattress from Slumberz Beds and didn't know the brand name of the mattress. Turns out it is Durest and is shoddy, poor quality, definitely not 3000 pocket springs nor memory foam. I chose Slumberz Beds because they stated on their website they only sell quality mattresses. I gave them the benefit of the doubt as I believe in internet shopping.

But wow :( So disappointed, and the owner of Slumberz stands by the sale, saying I must be wrong and the mattress is great quality.

Don't buy Durest and don't buy from Slumberz Beds. Stick with high street shops; too important to buy cheap and get sub-standard.

This is people's lives these companies are messing up. Poor sleep and chronic back pain is so detrimental to life.

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Absolutely terrible quality of mattresses and agreed with above comment!

El Segundo, California, United States #1188289

Hi there,

sorry to hear that, had the exact same terrible experience, mattress is nothing like as advertise but the apparently manager "David" claims return is not applicable and refuse to comply with Consumer Right Act, is very poor service. Court is going to settle this though.

The operating of the company is suspicious and Trading Standards as been already informed.

You can report the fake advertising at ASA www.asa.org.uk that would be really helpful to save other consumers from such experience!



This customer complained that the mattress is softer than she would like. We offered a return and full refund if not satisfied. The customer is advised to contact Trading Standards if she feels that the mattress is not exactly as described on our website.

Slumberz Beds

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London, England
Reason of review
Bad quality
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Positive Experience Review


Really comfy mattress the price is great for the the thickness ... happy customer...

so what if the company is a little dodgy..

what else are you expecting from a company that sells mattresses at a fraction of the cost!? :) :) :)

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Greetland, England
Reason of review
Good quality
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Memory Foam Mattress in London, England - Bought last week a memory foam durest mattress


the delivery was fast, but the mattress is not good quality. Seems like is nothing inside, very bouncy and I got up with backache and I actually didn't sleep well in the whole night, woken up few times throughout the night.

When I bought it off ebay it said that it is a sprung memory foam mattress and I believed it but the label on the mattress has not description of the material or percentage of memory foam, etc. I think it is not memory foam.

Very disappointing! Ebay should not allow people selling fake things if they already know the problem.!

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did you purchase from bed world ?/?

they really a sloppy company ..

would advise people to stay clear

London, England
Delivery was fast
Quality of mattress
Reason of review
Not as described/ advertised
Preferred solution
Let the company propose a solution
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Bed-world memory foam mattress

These mattresses only contain springs kopek and stuffing. I havem opened one up and still can't find any memory foam in fact there is no foam at all. I contacted the sellers and they could only reply with the statement that the mattress had 2 inches of memory foam but again this was untrue.Aaaaaaaaaa fffffff bbbbbb nnnnnn hh uu yy bb ii bb gg oo rr cc hh gg hh yy uu oo yy e e e e e e e e e e eve e e e e e e e e e e e e e e

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Mysleepy Head


Woking, England
Review #297650 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Memory Foam Mattress in Woking, England - Memory foam was missing

I purchased a 10 inch Memory foam pocket sprung mattress from bed world aka durest Beds ltd and the content of foam was exactly zero. This was from ebay.

I complained to the company but they insisted there was 2 inches of mem foam. Being truly peed off i took a sharp instrument to the said area where the foam should have been and guess what I found, kapok and stuuffing.

As you can see someone is lying and you need to steer very clear of this company. We will see what ebay actually does about this seller.

Anyone who has the same problem or has bought the same mattress please post here.

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I have just bought a super King 1500 pocket sprung orthopaedic ( or that's what it's meant to be!) I have received this morning a pocket memory mattress and it looks from my detective work that it is 1000 sprung, I purchased this from beds.co.uk, world of beds delivered and when I have rung the number on my email it's another company. I think this group of companies is probably part of the dodgy sleepeze company that was closed down not long ago for having slave labour in the uk!

I am going to call them when their phone lines open later on and see what they have to say.

It seems to me it's the old *** trick of charging someone for an item and sending them a cheaper version and hope they don't notice!


I've had exactly the same issue! This company are now trading as bedstar! The mattress is terrible, and there is not a trace of memory foam in it!


Dreadful company. One lie after another.

Durest Beds have an 0800 number, make use of it! 0800 028 3326.


Hi I bought the same bed and mattress from ebay Ie bed world and after 6 months the mattress has collapsed on both sides thus pushing down on the base pushing the hard board into the drawers ,when I contacted them all they will say is bring it back and we will repair or replace it ,I asked if I shown them pictures and payed for delivery could they just deliver a replacement which they refused as it is over 3 months old ,it means transporting a base and mattress about 150 mile round trip .just steer clear next time


I have just had the same problem with this company. I am disabled and my bed did what yours did. I have set up a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Durest-Bed-complaints-1684142368466277/?ref=bookmarks

London, England, United Kingdom #1044780

Total chavs, will not ever buy from them again.

No difference to buying from a gypsy caravan park!!


This company s.smith / durest beds were knocking doors in kent, an old couple paid them 200.00 for what they thought was a quality mattress, shocking behaviour to be on the take from people well into their 80s ,who only gave a state pension fir income. telephone number in card is 07721 095735 if any one wants a contract number fir them.


I too have had trouble with this firm but it wasn't the mattress it was the divan drawers which were both smashed by the overuse of staples into plastic which held the fronts on .I got in touch with the firm and they sent replacements which were also both smashed.I ended up with 7 replacement smashed drawers in my house so I got in touch with them AGAIN they said they would rectify the matter by sending me some more drawers but as I already had 7 broken ones I didn't want replacement drawers as they were not fit for purpose so I left a negative feed back on e bay and then phoned them back to tell them to collect the bed and give me a refund they were annoyed because apparently they had seen my feed back and they told me that if I wanted to send the bed back I must pay the carriage myself .I said that why should I have to pay to send their shoddy goods back and they told me that if I wanted to send it back I had to pay the carriage .I have told Pay Pal about all this and if I get no joy I am phoning the office of fair trading as Bed world beds are not of merchantable quality.I suggest any one who has a problem with this firm should do the same

London, England, United Kingdom #994482

Came out of my house today (12.6.15) and was stopped my a guy in a white van called Austin asking if I wanted to buy a memory foam mattress for £160. As I have a 6ft zipped and linked bed and he only had doubles and kings I declined.

He must have had about 4 or 5 in his van. He asked if I knew anyone as he didn't want to take them back. He said his company, Durest, would make one to order and deliver Tuesday. Only bad things can happen from people offering you stuff out the back of a van.

They are either knocked off or not what they are purported to be.

Be careful out there, there are lots of dodgy people about. Do not buy from this company, do your home work.

Walsall, Walsall, United Kingdom #992453

Sorry you had a bad experience but I bought a dureat bwd a few years ago its a combination of latex springs and memory foam and its brilliant. Im disabled with back hip leg problems. ..its not the brand I.d guess these problems are due to being fake......


Hi yep exactly the same! Tried to get them to collect mattress but they are saying no van in area despite it was delivered in 2 days o ordering.

Numerous e mails sent and phone calls made but apparent bed world aka Durest beds have no intention of doing anything. Cannot believe this company are getting away with this so reporting them now to trading standards to see if they can help tres from cgelmsfird

Southend-On-Sea, Southend-On-Sea, United Kingdom #997266

I too am reporting to Trading Standards


Had a salesman round this morning, saying this company is going into liquidation and offering 'memory foam' Durest double mattress for £160. Will steer clear having read above.

Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom #971798

Bought memory foam mattress from durest beds ltd aka bed-world on ebay. It did not last even 4 months before became really uncomfortable.

This has a 12 month guarantee and they want me to return item at my expense when its faulty.......worst customer service ever...Ebay should ban this company from trading on ebay. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY WORST EVER !!!!!!!

Neston, England, United Kingdom #946530

Omg I have just received my mates today and it's definitely not the one I ordered as....yesterday you can guess, "no memory foam!" Tried phoning company and....as I thought,no answer! I don't know what to do.

I have disposed of my own mattress and I am also disabled with several joint replacements and foraminal stenosis of the spine.

No I don't have anywhere to sleep unless I use the mattress then it's classed as used and I can't return it. Really at a loss now

Crook, England, United Kingdom #931061


Walsall, Walsall, United Kingdom #992452

I have a fantastic durest memory foam and latex bed its devine..... didn't buy from this company though..... you tend to get what you pay for sorry but the company durest make brill beds.

England, United Kingdom #872047

sent me a lesser quality mattress (by mistake they say) then told me it was of a better quality until I checked on it myself, offered to exchange it but it would be a 3 week wait or keep it and refund the difference. it had ripped packaging and dirty marks, told they would offer a very small partial refund only if I left positive feedback on ebay. Sweet girls working there but with no ability to sort out issues.


Durest Beds Ltd T/A 'bed-world' (on eBay) are hands-down the worst experience I've had in my over ten years on eBay. Everything started innocently enough, they sent me the wrong mattress (thinner than described) - hey, mistakes happen, I get that.

I pointed this out to them, they accepted their error and agreed to come and swap it for the correct one. Only they didn't. Things dragged on, so eventually I offered to take a partial refund instead, which they agreed to. Needless to say it never showed up either despite several chases - they just kept insisting that I phone them instead.

In the end I did, and was told that they won't issue the refund until I leave them positive feedback first (aka. 'feedback extortion', completely against eBay policy).

What a bunch of cowboys. :(


Do not use this company. I have received terrible service.

Their products are terrible quality. I ordered a mattress which was meant to be one of their most expensive. We couldn't sleep on it, it was so cheap and uncomfortable. Once I complained they told me that the only way they would collect the item was if I closed the complaint and reported it as resolved.

It then took them 2 months to collect this item and its now been a month that I've been pleading for them to reimburse me.



I purchased a memory foam bed in April 2014 and with in two weeks it had lost it's memory the mattress is now flat and the springs grinds I sent them emails photos of the bed no reply I complained to ebay sent email after

email they did'en reply or care I complain to paypal

no reply I sent letters to Bed world Durest beds

Beds direct there all the same company but address

may differ I paid £147.24 and I'am a pensioner and I'am left with a bed I can not sleep in what bother me more that ebay and paypal don't care they care more about the sell's so people out there thinking of buying a new bed please don't buy one of this company check the address email or phone number it may be the same company with new name.


I bought the same mattress in single. Sinking in the middle.

It is supposed to be pocket sprung mattress but I am not sure it is. Dont want to cut the thing. Packed and waiting to be picked up . No show all saturday waiting.

Came twice before bringing the SAME mattress design which I did not order in the first place. I was told if I send them 5* review on ebay they will collect and refund which I have in writing on ebay emails. Told they will collect this weekend, could be saturday or SUNDAY?

I assume they will not show up and I will waste my weekend again. I do not want to lose all faith in humanity but am getting there.

Huddersfield, England, United Kingdom #809307

I work for them, the are a pair of scoundrals that want to pay mé £3.13 a hour to tell customers to leave positive feedback on eBay for damage beds LEAVE WELL ALONE from this company

Neston, England, United Kingdom #946537

What's the best way to get a refund


*** company which lack customer service. Both my mattresses have been returned as they were so bad, literally felt battered after sleeping on them so then I had to make a 'Den' on the floor! Now trying to get my money back is another thing!


Tuesday feb 11th

• Paid for bed on Tuesday February 11th and immediately sent message asking for delivery Monday 17th Feb

• This was confirmed

Friday 14th Feb

• Delivery driver called Friday 14th Feb saying that he was on his way and I explained to him the bed was not to be delivered till Monday he told me to call the dispatch office. Driver was asking me where I work and if I am able to get home etc.

• I called the office whom confirmed that it was down for Monday 17th and didn’t know why it had gone out on Friday.

Sunday 16th Feb • Got a call from a driver Sunday morning who said he was outside of my property and I explained the reason I booked delivery in advance for Monday is because I took a holiday for Monday and would be in all day for the delivery. He said he could not come back and it would have to be that day so I said OK I will drop my plans and make my way home I will be around an hour. He said this is too long for him and said he would come back on Monday. Monday 17th Feb • Monday 17th – Sat in waiting all day when it got to 3pm I called to check that it was definitely coming • Lady who introduced herself as Stephanie disingenuously told me it will be delivered Tuesday that is that and that the driver should not have promised things because he does not know the routes for the following days.

• Stephanie said I need to complain on eBay if I was not happy with that • Complained on eBay they told me to call back to resolve it. • Called back and was again offered delivery on Tuesday to which I declined as I was certainly not going to put another holiday in at work in the trust of this company. • Was advised if I wanted a refund and compensation to message on eBay stating this and I would get this resolved straight away. • Complained again on eBay and they said that the person who deals with refunds and compensation is not available till Tuesday.

• I told them if they where not able to resolve this they need to get someone who can to contact me because I am not playing ring around anymore. • Spoke to someone claiming to be the owner (yourself) and I was promised refund and compensation the following day on the 18th and I said I would trust you and leave it in your hands. All you asked was for my eBay user ID to be texted to that phone. Tuesday 18th Feb • At 2:30 pm I sent an eBay message saying that I was yet to hear back and received no reply.

• After work I called this number several times and had no response and left a voicemail. • Called dispatch several times last night finally got through to someone who said they would get me a manager put me on hold and then hung up. • Called back and was promised this person WAS going to ring me back. • Waited 15 mins and decided I cannot trust you I will simply call back and wait.

• To which I was then told your brother is available however you are not and apparently you are the only person capable of giving refunds and compensation. Shaun said he would tell you what I have said. Wednesday 19th Feb • Sent eBay messages today and heard nothing until your text message. • Still no refund still no compensation.

• Texted me asking to get in touch when I was free so I got straight back in touch and had a short phonecall where she said she would call me at 6pm. • 6pm came and went so I called the dispatch office again and again until finally Ben picked up • Ben rang shakeila a few times and eventually managed to get through whilst I was still on the line I heard her agree to call me back in 30 mins or so. • An hour and a half passed and I called Ben back to let him know she hadn’t called I ranted about how angry and upset I was but again I was told nothing could be done till tomorrow 20th. • Ben said he would make one last attempt to get back in touch with her in the last 10 mins of his shift and call me back to let me know the outcome.

• Ben called back to tell me she wasn’t even answering to him and he will pass on all this info tomorrow.

Thursday 20th Feb Had to leave it to my mam who was on the phone to her over 40 mins who got her EVENTUALLY to agree to give a refund IF I promise not to leave negative feedback and denied that this was in fact bribery. After all of this I finally got my money back and reported her to eBay but I encourage you to question how many of the positive feedback are genuine as she would not refund me till I sent her an eBay message stating that I would NOT leave negative feedback.

Sawtry, Sawtry, United Kingdom #786524

Got me too. Item delivered damaged refused to accept it.

Ended up opening a case on ebay after no response to calls emails messages or letters. Still waiting for a response on ebay.

Luckily ebay have a new policy buyers protection scheme just got to wait a week.


I purchased 2 10" mattresses from bed world on ebay. Firstly the mattresses arrived on different dates, and not only are they nothing like the ones pictured, they are also two completely different mattresses.

One of them looks like it came from a dump, with burst stitching and marks all over it, and on further inspection, there was absolutely no memory foam inside. When I phoned bed world to discuss this, their representative was extremely rude, and hung up half way through our conversation.

I then contacted my local trading standards office, who in turn tried to contact them on my behalf, only to be told that their computer system was down and that they would get back to them asap.

To date, bed world have made no attempt to contact me or trading standards with a suitable resolve, so I have now passed all the info to ebay, as not only is there customer service appalling, but they are misleading prospective customers with their false advertising. :roll :upset :sigh :cry :(


After my address wa wrong twice my mattress had to delivered by courier.If they get my address wrong twice, what is the quality of the product? I would not use this company again

Nottingham, England, United Kingdom #752431

I purchased the 12 inch memory foam mattress on eBay at approximately 2pm on Monday and it was delivered at 8.30 am the following day at no extra cost. The mattress feels of good quality (I was expecting less for the price tbh) and, based on my experience, I would absolutely recommend Durest beds to my friends and family.


Agree with the comment above, A dirty stinking bed arrived plus a pull and hole in it..Customer Service is terrible AVOID THIS COMPANY you have been warned. Wish I had done my search before throwing money at these scammers

London, England, United Kingdom #742426

i bought one 18 months ago. i was very happy with it in the first 6 months.

but now i was forced to replace the base because it was made of cardboard and my kids were jumping on it so it left a massive hole in the middle, however the matress is not bad considering it was cheap and by the way only the top layer is memory foam (maybe 2inch) but still it is very confi.

I can't complain much. in regards to Eid comments on here i am sure no Christian would work in Xmas so of course Muslim staff also need holiday even if they use Parcel Force.but lying is not allowed full stop.

Woking, England, United Kingdom #699890

First off I would like to say I got a quality mattress which I am very happy with ... eventually.

I bought the same mattress. I saw it on ebay but had to phone them because I needed it delivered to my home address, not the business one. One of the ladies took my order and processed it advising someone would contact me re: 24 hour delivery. No one phoned. I phoned them and was told the mattress would not be delivered and I quote "while Tuesday cos it Eid un't it". I questioned what Eid could have to do with the mattress and was told both the delivery drivers were muslim and therefore on holiday - I thought - fair enough. However, when I phoned back again I was told that they use a national delivery company - Eid then had nothing to do with it.

I am very happy with the end result, albeit some 4 days after when it should be delivered, it is a top quality, VERY comfy mattress but the sales people do lie - so beware. Insist on speaking to the manger, be calm but insistent. I eventually got through and I got a top quality mattress delivered the next day.


I also got a mattress from this company and tbh they was very helpfull and the mattress is of good quality after 6 months

London, England, United Kingdom #733949

we got a mattress from this company and have had another 2. the value for money is amazing, the same mattress in the shops cost more than double. keep up the good work thanks for a great nights sleep

Gosport, England, United Kingdom #663122

yep got 12" memory foam kingsize mattress from durest via ebay and when got groove right down the middle of bed within 1st week I complained to durest..they arranged a replacement but driver never turned up...twice this happened till I demanded a refund, by this time the ebay paypal time was up so couldn't get money back thru them!...so took to small claims and even got CCJ against them for it but still no flipping refund!

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Woking, England
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Memory foam mattresses

i am currently researching memory foam mattresses.

i asked for a sample(was willing to pay for it) from some internet retailers including but not limited to e-mattress,sleepwarehouse.com,memoryfoamsource.com,selectabed,select foam,usa memory foam etc. i wanted to compare their product to Tempur-Pedic(which of course can be sampled in any major walk-in mattress retailer).

they all refused. even though they all try to say their product is as good as Tempur, don't believe. they are very reluctant to have you compare their product to Tempur. i found out that many online retailers get their memory foam from China which uses different types of fill such as clay in their foam.

they also don't abide by the same standards as the U.S. memory foam makers.


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Wishaw, Scotland, United Kingdom #735100

I got a bed from Durest as well, quality was terrible. The stitching was coming undone straight away.

I complained and they agreed to replace the mattress.

9 months later I am still trying to get it. Companies like this need to be avoided.

Scranton, Pennsylvania
Review #136803 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Memory Foam Mattress in Scranton, Pennsylvania - Failed to send a sample of their memory foam

be careful when buying a memory foam mattress from an internet site. i requested a 12" sample square(was willing to pay for it) from about 10 internet mattress sites such as but not limited to Sleep Warehouse, Memory Foam Source.com, Selectabed, eMattress, and Select Foam just to name a few.They all refused.

I told them my reason was to compare their samples to the Tempur-Pedic. I can only assume they were afraid of the comparisson. Be careful when buying memory foam mattresses online.

Many companies import their foam from China which may contain different fillers and be unsafe.


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Scranton, Pennsylvania
Review #136768 is a subjective opinion of poster.

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