I purchased a 10 inch Memory foam pocket sprung mattress from bed world aka durest Beds ltd and the content of foam was exactly zero. This was from ebay.

I complained to the company but they insisted there was 2 inches of mem foam. Being truly peed off i took a sharp instrument to the said area where the foam should have been and guess what I found, kapok and stuuffing.

As you can see someone is lying and you need to steer very clear of this company. We will see what ebay actually does about this seller.

Anyone who has the same problem or has bought the same mattress please post here.

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I have just bought a super King 1500 pocket sprung orthopaedic ( or that's what it's meant to be!) I have received this morning a pocket memory mattress and it looks from my detective work that it is 1000 sprung, I purchased this from beds.co.uk, world of beds delivered and when I have rung the number on my email it's another company. I think this group of companies is probably part of the dodgy sleepeze company that was closed down not long ago for having slave labour in the uk!

I am going to call them when their phone lines open later on and see what they have to say.

It seems to me it's the old *** trick of charging someone for an item and sending them a cheaper version and hope they don't notice!


I've had exactly the same issue! This company are now trading as bedstar! The mattress is terrible, and there is not a trace of memory foam in it!


Dreadful company. One lie after another.

Durest Beds have an 0800 number, make use of it! 0800 028 3326.


Hi I bought the same bed and mattress from ebay Ie bed world and after 6 months the mattress has collapsed on both sides thus pushing down on the base pushing the hard board into the drawers ,when I contacted them all they will say is bring it back and we will repair or replace it ,I asked if I shown them pictures and payed for delivery could they just deliver a replacement which they refused as it is over 3 months old ,it means transporting a base and mattress about 150 mile round trip .just steer clear next time

to Anonymous #1058328

I have just had the same problem with this company. I am disabled and my bed did what yours did. I have set up a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Durest-Bed-complaints-1684142368466277/?ref=bookmarks

London, England, United Kingdom #1044780

Total chavs, will not ever buy from them again.

No difference to buying from a gypsy caravan park!!


This company s.smith / durest beds were knocking doors in kent, an old couple paid them 200.00 for what they thought was a quality mattress, shocking behaviour to be on the take from people well into their 80s ,who only gave a state pension fir income. telephone number in card is 07721 095735 if any one wants a contract number fir them.


I too have had trouble with this firm but it wasn't the mattress it was the divan drawers which were both smashed by the overuse of staples into plastic which held the fronts on .I got in touch with the firm and they sent replacements which were also both smashed.I ended up with 7 replacement smashed drawers in my house so I got in touch with them AGAIN they said they would rectify the matter by sending me some more drawers but as I already had 7 broken ones I didn't want replacement drawers as they were not fit for purpose so I left a negative feed back on e bay and then phoned them back to tell them to collect the bed and give me a refund they were annoyed because apparently they had seen my feed back and they told me that if I wanted to send the bed back I must pay the carriage myself .I said that why should I have to pay to send their shoddy goods back and they told me that if I wanted to send it back I had to pay the carriage .I have told Pay Pal about all this and if I get no joy I am phoning the office of fair trading as Bed world beds are not of merchantable quality.I suggest any one who has a problem with this firm should do the same

London, England, United Kingdom #994482

Came out of my house today (12.6.15) and was stopped my a guy in a white van called Austin asking if I wanted to buy a memory foam mattress for £160. As I have a 6ft zipped and linked bed and he only had doubles and kings I declined.

He must have had about 4 or 5 in his van. He asked if I knew anyone as he didn't want to take them back. He said his company, Durest, would make one to order and deliver Tuesday. Only bad things can happen from people offering you stuff out the back of a van.

They are either knocked off or not what they are purported to be.

Be careful out there, there are lots of dodgy people about. Do not buy from this company, do your home work.

Walsall, Walsall, United Kingdom #992453

Sorry you had a bad experience but I bought a dureat bwd a few years ago its a combination of latex springs and memory foam and its brilliant. Im disabled with back hip leg problems. ..its not the brand I.d guess these problems are due to being fake......


Hi yep exactly the same! Tried to get them to collect mattress but they are saying no van in area despite it was delivered in 2 days o ordering.

Numerous e mails sent and phone calls made but apparent bed world aka Durest beds have no intention of doing anything. Cannot believe this company are getting away with this so reporting them now to trading standards to see if they can help tres from cgelmsfird

to Anonymous Southend-On-Sea, Southend-On-Sea, United Kingdom #997266

I too am reporting to Trading Standards


Had a salesman round this morning, saying this company is going into liquidation and offering 'memory foam' Durest double mattress for £160. Will steer clear having read above.

Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom #971798

Bought memory foam mattress from durest beds ltd aka bed-world on ebay. It did not last even 4 months before became really uncomfortable.

This has a 12 month guarantee and they want me to return item at my expense when its faulty.......worst customer service ever...Ebay should ban this company from trading on ebay. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY WORST EVER !!!!!!!

Neston, England, United Kingdom #946530

Omg I have just received my mates today and it's definitely not the one I ordered as....yesterday you can guess, "no memory foam!" Tried phoning company and....as I thought,no answer! I don't know what to do.

I have disposed of my own mattress and I am also disabled with several joint replacements and foraminal stenosis of the spine.

No I don't have anywhere to sleep unless I use the mattress then it's classed as used and I can't return it. Really at a loss now

Crook, England, United Kingdom #931061


to *** DUREST BEDS Walsall, Walsall, United Kingdom #992452

I have a fantastic durest memory foam and latex bed its devine..... didn't buy from this company though..... you tend to get what you pay for sorry but the company durest make brill beds.

England, United Kingdom #872047

sent me a lesser quality mattress (by mistake they say) then told me it was of a better quality until I checked on it myself, offered to exchange it but it would be a 3 week wait or keep it and refund the difference. it had ripped packaging and dirty marks, told they would offer a very small partial refund only if I left positive feedback on ebay. Sweet girls working there but with no ability to sort out issues.

Durest Beds Ltd T/A 'bed-world' (on eBay) are hands-down the worst experience I've had in my over ten years on eBay. Everything started innocently enough, they sent me the wrong mattress (thinner than described) - hey, mistakes happen, I get that.

I pointed this out to them, they accepted their error and agreed to come and swap it for the correct one. Only they didn't. Things dragged on, so eventually I offered to take a partial refund instead, which they agreed to. Needless to say it never showed up either despite several chases - they just kept insisting that I phone them instead.

In the end I did, and was told that they won't issue the refund until I leave them positive feedback first (aka. 'feedback extortion', completely against eBay policy).

What a bunch of cowboys. :(

Do not use this company. I have received terrible service.

Their products are terrible quality. I ordered a mattress which was meant to be one of their most expensive. We couldn't sleep on it, it was so cheap and uncomfortable. Once I complained they told me that the only way they would collect the item was if I closed the complaint and reported it as resolved.

It then took them 2 months to collect this item and its now been a month that I've been pleading for them to reimburse me.


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